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"The Fastrack intregration enables the dme vendor to process masks without anyone manually confirming the delivery tickets or scanning the proof of delivery for compliance. The DME vendor will save two fte's initially. More importantly, the DME can scale up its mask revenue without any additional fte's since it is now an automatic process. There is no system that exists within the country that can do this. I have increased my productivity by 30% since I implemented the interface.

I would not be interested in moving to another software company since it does not have this capability."

-- L.L - Controller

"Starting the cpapdropship follow up and drop ship program was the best decision our company could have made this year. With the condition of the economy and this industry the additional monthly revenue was much needed! It is so difficult with our busy schedules to contact all of our patients. The staff at cpapdropship are so knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. If any company out there is looking for a way to keep your cpap supply costs down and increase cpap monthly reimbursement, I would strongly recommend a trial run with cpapdropship - the results will be worth it!"

-- J.O. Respiratory Director

" has been a great addition to our Respiratory company. We bring on the business; they takes care of our PAP patients with follow-up calls and supplies. This increases overall sales and patient compliance. We were bringing on tons of new PAP patients, but we didn't have the means to ship supplies regularly. Right now, with current market trends, we just couldn't afford to let any potential revenue streams slip through our fingers. Since going to's services, we have significantly increased our revenue from PAP supplies while lowering our cost of goods sold because has offered such competitive pricing. took the hassle away from us having to create an entire department just for a follow up program. Any DME companies with a large PAP patient base or any DME companies that aren't currently shipping out CPAP supplies on a continual basis are missing out. It's that simple."

-- J.R. DME Director of Operations

Thanks to we were able to reduce our accessory pricing by about 30%. Our company has an extensive replacement program with filters so it is very important to get the absolute lowest prices on these supplies. We had been using the same filter company for years, but after reviewed our pricing and worked with our company as a "consultant," we were able to further reduce our costs. Thanks to we will save thousands of dollars this year!

M.P. - DME Operations Manager

"I first would like to let you know that has worked wonderfully for our company so far. It is a clear, smooth and speedy system. No stress at all... I would not change much with your CPAP drop ship fact, PLEASE don't change too many things! Working with cpapdropship.comhas been a great experience. They are very helpful and respond to my emails super fast! They are very personable and give you the feeling we are their only customer! We have been using since mid April and so far, so good. I foresee it staying that way!"

-- J.R. DME Patient Care Coordinator

"At first, " approached our company offering a CPAP drop ship program that almost seemed to good to be true - offering every CPAP mask on the market with all the accessories available to ship the same day direct to our patients. We were hesitant at first because we take great pride in protecting our patient confidentiality and ensuring a timely delivery of supplies. However after a few months of working with - we could not be happier with the program! The service they provide and the ease of the drop ship program is first class from start to finish."

-- J.L. DME Respritory Therapist

"I really appreciate you working with us. Your service has been wonderful."

-- P.G. DME Operations Manager

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